Full service stall boarding.

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Riding lessons for students of all ages and skill level.

Please call 954-680-8628 for details


Board & Training Price List


  • Full Care Board with Unlimited Lessons:           $1,750 per month

Includes daily care and grooming of horse, turn out, tacking and un-tacking for lessons, cleaning and care of tack (ex. saddle), use of grooming supplies, administration of medications and supplements. Also scheduling for blacksmith, vet, dentist, worming, etc.  Tacking and un-tacking of your horse is only provided during lessons.

*All lessons and training rides are unlimited and the following horse show incentives are included in Unlimited Full Care Board:

Horse Show incentives:
 Horse Show Day Care rate will be $100 per day instead of $125 
 5%($87.50) off of board when attending at least 2 weeks of shows
10%($175) off of board if attending 4 weeks of shows per month

*Prepaid 6month board package is available for $9,600 a savings of $900 and horse show incentives will still be credited monthly

  • Full Care Board with one weekly lesson:             $1,500 per month

One Weekly lesson will be included in your board, additional lessons and training rides will be charged as noted below. If you are unable to attend your weekly scheduled lesson, a training ride will replace the lesson. Tacking and un-tacking of your horse is only provided during lessons.

Horse Show incentives:
 Horse Show Day Care rate will be $115 per day instead of $125 
 5%($75) off of board when attending at least 2 weeks of shows
10%($150) off of board if attending 4 weeks of shows per month

Second horse on Full Care Board:                      $1,250 per month


  • Regular Board:                                                    $1,000 per month

Basic Board:  feed and turnout for your horses, no grooming supplies or accessories (i.e. fan) will be provided. Does not include daily grooming, tacking or un-tacking of your horse.
(South barn only)

Horse Show incentives:
Horse Show Day Care rate will available @ $125 per day for Full Care
Horse Show Training only will be available @ $50 per day plus set up fee of $100
 5%($50) off of board when attending at least 2 weeks of shows
10%($100) off of board if attending 4 weeks of shows per month

Lesson hours:
Tuesday - Saturday   7:30 am –11:00 am for mornings;
2:30 pm – 6:00pm afternoon

Sundays will be morning only 7:30am – 1:00pm

Special times may also be arranged
Hacking can be done outside of lesson hours.
Horse show weekends may have special supervised riding times, however a groom may not be available.


  • Lessons -$65 per lesson
  • Non Boarder Semi-private with use of lesson horse- $85
  • Five prepaid lesson card available for $400
  • Requested private lessons will be $150 per lesson
  • Unlimited Monthly lessons $800 per month

Cancellations: No shows will be charged full price, please telephone if you are unable to ride.

Training Rides:
Training ride (intensive or over fences)-$50
Flat work/Lunging only - $15

Horse Show Day Care:

  • Horses attending multiple monthly horse shows will receive a 5%-10% discount from their board

Full Day Care-$125 per day per horse plus split trainer’s expenses
Day care includes unlimited schooling of horse and rider; groom, care of horse, all regular medications, tack room fixtures

Training only-$50 per day plus set up fee of $100 per show

Second Horse-$100 per day

Tipping the groom is customary. Stalls, tack stalls, entries, landscaping, shavings, braider, professional rider, etc. is additional.
Horse show entries are the responsibility of the exhibitor or a fee of $25 per entry will be charged.

Cancellations: Once arrangements have been made for your horse to attend a show you are responsible for the scratch and stall fee, split trainer’s expenses; and for the summer, your shipping deposit.

Trainer’s Expenses are divided among the number of riders and includes but is not limited to: Travel expenses (Meals, Hotel, Travel), set up fees (furniture, lumber, landscaping and labor). Trainer’s expenses are kept at a minimum but do change during different seasons.


Prices are round trip.       Local (with in 20 miles) - $100
Miami - $125
Palm Beach - $185
Venice - $275

Over 400 miles $2.00 per mile or comparable to professional van lines
Shipping insurance is the responsibility of the horse owner



  • Fuel Surplus: Due to the unstable rise of fuel prices, Hunter Creek Farm reserves the right to apply a fuel surcharge to offset these expenses.
  • Supplies: Extra ordinary supplies (i.e. vet wrap or excessive bandaging) will be charged separately or purchased by the owner of the horse


  • Surcharges- surcharge of 20% is added if Hunter Creek Farm bills you for professional services (i.e. Blacksmith, Vet, Dentist, medication, tack repair, horse blanket laundry, Braider, Horse show services, etc.) Otherwise, please arrange to have payment ready when the service is rendered. Paste wormers will be charged at $30 per tube.
  • Commissions--Horse sale commissions are 15% for both buying and selling. Hunter Creek Farm will assist in all horses bought or sold for our students.


  • Late Fees--A late fee of 10% will be charged after the 5th of the month.  Horses and equipment become property of Hunter Creek Farm, Inc., after 90 days past due.    


As of 05/01/2008        

    2008 Horse Show Dates    

Dates Name of Show Stall $
October 12-14 Littlewood A  $200
October 19-21 Littlewood Fall 1 $200
October 26-27  Littlewood Fall 2 $200
November 2-4 Littlewood Fall 3  $200
November 9-11 Littlewood Fall Finale  $200
November 16-18 Pre Charity C  $125 
Charity 21-25 Charity Show  $375
Nationals 4-9 National   ***
December 14-16 Awards Show C  $125 
December 28-30 Christmas I  $125 
January ? Christmas II   $175
January 11-13 AT Benefit   $375
January 18-20  Mid-Circuit  $375
January 25-27 Palm Beach International  $375
February 1-3 WEF Classic/LW jumper  $375
February 8-10 Littlewood Finale/WEF Jumper $375
February 15-17  WEF Internationale $375
February 21-24 WEF Classic $375
March 1-2 WEF Masters  $375
March 7-9 WEF Open  $375
March 14-16 WEF Finale   $375
EASTER SHOW  Littlewood Spring 1  $125
March 28-30 WEF Tampa/Spring 2  ***/$125
April 5-6 WEF Tampa/Spring 3 ***/$125
April 11-13 Littlewood Spring 4 $150
April 18-19 Littlewood Spring 5 $150
April 25-27 Littlewood Spring 6 $150





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